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Our Story

Our Beginning 

We met in the waiting room at a therapist’s office. We were both waiting for our son’s to finish their sessions. Both boys (Ben and Brenden) are months apart in age and both have Autism Spectrum Disorder. When we met, the diagnosis were still fresh and we were both trying to navigate through this new world. Being a parent of a child with special needs can quickly become very isolating- that is until you find your “people”. Your “People” are those other parents who get it. They have your back no matter what. They can watch your child throw themselves on the floor and scream and instead of gawking or fleeing the situation, they stand there and hold your purse. They get on the floor with you or continue with what they are doing because they know that the number one rule is to not give attention to the behavior. Your “People” are there to just have coffee and laugh about how ridiculous the bus schedule is or what the new teacher said to you without thinking. Your “People” bring respite to a world that can drive you crazy. 

Our Idea

We wanted to create a place that can first and foremost bring families together and help them to find their "People". Being parents of children with special needs has definitely made us strong. We know we have to fight for our kids. We are also observant. We noticed that it is almost impossible to find places that offer programs that will include our kids. There has been a lot of growth and many improvements in recent years but when it comes to actual small businesses that you can walk in to and sign your child up for a class or group, there is a huge lacking. We have tried signing our kids up for various extra curricular activities and have gone as far as to offer to do the whole class with them (such as Gymnastics...that would have been fun to see) but we were flatly told “no” or “this isn’t working".

Our Center

Well, we created a place where it WILL work. Our goal is to create fun and interesting groups for a variety of age groups and abilities. We keep class sizes small with a low maximum sign-up in order to give each child the space to have fun and grow. Parents are a part of the group. The parent is asked to help the child work on the tasks. This helps to alleviate stress and anxiety for the child and family. Siblings are also encouraged to sign-up and participate in the classes. This builds bonds within the family as well as proves to be a great learning experience for all involved. We will also extend classes to the community with the knowledge that we have an inclusive environment and we are respectful and supportive of everyone's needs. We are offering enjoyable and life enhancing activities for differently-abled individuals and their families and friends. Our most important goal is to create an environment that build family bonds and relationships because, we want to be your “People”!  

Our Mission

Kid-leidoscope Inc.'s mission is to bring fun and interesting groups to persons of all abilities and their families. We offer weekly groups including art, movement (including Special Strong & Zumba Kids & Kids Jr.), music and more. In each group, parents will support their children through a teacher led activity that is accommodated to each child. Our greatest hope is to create a community of people that will love and support each other, not only during our groups but in their every day lives. It is often difficult to navigate the special needs world but it is much easier with a support system of people who understand! 

Meet The Team 

Julie Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & Director of Programming 

Julie is a loving mom of three, her eldest having Autism, ADHD and Apraxia of Speech. Julie has a Degree in Childhood Education and English from The College of Saint Rose. She taught elementary school for six years during which time she served as a grade level team leader, Summer Program Instructor and Drama Club Coach. She always taught the inclusion classes and was very involved with the special needs’ community at her school. Her goal was always to teach inclusion to all her students by building a safe and respectful environment while educating them about EVERYONE'S differences. After her son was born, she stayed home with him for a few years-at which time her two daughters shortly followed! A few years later she went back to work as a Service Coordinator for Early Intervention. This enabled her to help many families obtain the therapies and support that they needed as they began their journey into Special Education. Julie is a Certified Special Strong Group Fitness Instructor. She is excited to develop a fun, engaging, and extensive programs at

Kid-leidoscope Inc.!

Debbie Sinon

Co-Founder & Director of Administration 

As a mom of a son with Autism & ADHD, a Bachelor's Degree in Art & Design, over 25 years of experience as an Executive Services Administrator in the nonprofit sector, strong fundraising, marketing and community relations skills, Debbie brings Kid-leidoscope Inc. a savvy all her own. After her son, Brenden, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder life took on a new direction. From running support groups to advocating on behalf of her son and other children, she soon realized the community was lacking programs for special needs children. As a commitment to her service to persons with disabilities in our local community, Debbie’s goal is to provide a family-orientated, fun, creative & safe environment that is dedicated to presenting educational, fun & creative programming for every differently-abled individual. She realizes that giving support to individuals with special needs and their families in nurturing ways can make a big difference when encouragement is needed in their lives.  She hopes that Kid-leidoscope Inc. will be a place where families can feel comfortable to explore the center, learn, laugh, grow and appreciate each other in a judgement free environment. 

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Questions for Kid-leidoscope Inc.?

 We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us by filling out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Are you interested in volunteering at our center?

 We need all the help we can get so we can get off the ground running! Maybe you would like to help us renovate? Extra helping hands during our classes would be so helpful too! Give a shout if you're interested in helping us thrive. 


Are you interested in teaching at our center?

 We're looking for fresh ideas and fresh faces to teach much needed programs at

Kid-leidoscope Inc. Please reach our to us and share your idea and experience. 

Give us a call:

 Debbie ♥ (845)-238-1795 

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Say Hello!

Our Peeps!

In her own words Debbie describes her passion for the work she is doing at Kid-leidoscope Inc., “Making connections with other families in the local community is a top priority for me. Having a place for families to go and be with people who “get-it” and feel accepted can be a life changer for them and building that village is worth every ounce of energy I can pour into it”.

— Debbie Sinon

Julie describes her passion, "I have always wanted to help children reach their potential & create a nurturing environment to do it. I think that this center is so important for families and I hope that everyone feels comfortable & excited when they walk through our doors! It's so magical to see a person get to pursue their interests & it's even more amazing to help them do it."

- Julie Fitzpatrick


At Kid-leidoscope Inc. we want to provide our surrounding community an inclusive  place for persons of all abilities and their families to gather and be themselves. To have fun, learn connect and grow! Access to this community support is of extreme importance in Dutchess County and in order to grow this outreach, we need your help. We are seeking support though generous donations to help make this center successful. 


We hope you will be able to join Julie & Debbie in funding the development of Kid-leidoscope Inc.'s center. Any support, small or large, will be highly appreciated by us, and the local community that we will be providing a service to.

If you have any questions regarding our center, please feel free to contact us and remember that you are welcome to come to our center at any time to see exactly what your funds will be helping create. Just contact us for an appointment. 

   At Kid-leidoscope Inc., we are committed to providing the safest and most nurturing environment for each and every child.  Please practice kindness and inclusion to everyone. We ask all parents or care providers to please stay with their child/children at all times during our sessions, classes and group activities.  We have a comfort room for anyone who might get overwhelmed or just need some quiet time during an activity.  For hygienic and safety reasons, bare feet are not allowed at Kid-leidoscope Inc.  and we ask that valuables and other items not be brought to class.

Kid-leidoscope Inc. will not be responsible for any lost or missing items.                            

  Classes will start on time so please plan to arrive 15 minutes before sessions begin so you can get settled and checked in. For your child's safety, we ask that all parents and children waiting for their session stay in our waiting area. Kid-leidoscope Inc. instructors are unable and cannot accept responsibility for children who might run into the gym area while an activity is in session.

  Food, drinks or gum are not permitted in the gym area. We ask that any refreshments or food of any kind always stay in the waiting area.  Children are not authorized to play in the gym or on equipment before or after any class or party without parental supervision and Kid-leidoscope Inc. cannot be held responsible for any injuries when classes or groups are not in session.

  For the privacy of our students and their families, no photographing and/or recording is allowed on Kid-leidoscope Inc.  premises unless consent has been provided by Kid-leidoscope Inc. and their clients. We ask that cell phones be turned on silent during sessions, so instruction is not interrupted.      


Do the parents stay?

   Yes! This is a family-oriented program that we designed to build bonds among family members. Parents are asked to be active participants in groups. The parents know their child best. Families work on different behaviors and we are here to support your family.

When do you pay for your class?    

   We ask that you pay for individual classes as well as the 4- or 6- week sessions when you register to reserve the spot. Since we try to keep group sizes small it is very important for us to know who will be attending. Some groups may have waiting lists so we will open spots if they are not confirmed one week before the group begins.

What payment methods are accepted?

   Registrations & payments are accepted online and over the phone via Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover cards. If you'd like to come to the center and register in person with cash or a check that works too! Just give us a call to make sure we will be in the office when you plan to arrive. Please be aware that the penalty for returned checks is $35.00. 

How many kids are allowed in each group?

  We are committed to keeping the group sizes small. We will post the limit with each group on the calendar, but most will be capped at 10 children. The special events have different limits depending on the activities.

What do you need to wear to groups?  

   Wear comfortable clothes! During movement groups, you will need to wear something that is comfortable to move around in. Sneakers are also best. If you are joining an art group, be sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting a little messy. Markers, paint, glue & glitter make their way onto everything!

Are you open to developing new groups?

   We are always open and willing to hear special interests or wishes for new groups. Our goal is to offer groups that will help our community to develop and learn! If we feel that there is an interest, we will do our best to explore it. We are always open to new ideas.   

Can you sign up ahead for classes?

   If you are interested in holding a spot for future months in a certain group you are welcome to sign up early. You can either pay in full or give a deposit to hold the spot. Kid-leidsocope Inc. is unable to guarantee availability of a child's space without payment in advance for any sessions and full payment of the coming 4 or 6 week session is needed to attend a week before the session starts.  

How often to class schedules change?

  Each month our calendar will be put out by the 15th for the following month. Many groups will stay at the same time each month but occasionally the schedules will change, or groups will be added. Our special events will be different every month. Please review the calendar when it comes out and sign up for your group as soon as possible.   

What happens if my child misses a class or group?    

   If you miss a group or class during your child’s prepaid session or the center is closed due to the weather not cooperating,  as a courtesy we will offer  ONE makeup class or group during a time and group that hasn’t reached full capacity in our Bonus Week. Bonus Weeks are the weeks that follow a 4- or 6-week session, you could call it a buffer. During these designated weeks we will offer classes and groups you can sign up for to make up for a session or class you missed during your prepaid session. This Bonus Week will also be an open week so families can sign up for ONE class and not a full session before the next session starts.  We strongly encourage you to sign up for your make up as soon as possible as classes can fill up quickly. Kid-leidoscope Inc. will not offer credits or refunds for missed classes that were not made up in the Bonus Week following their missed class, but the Bonus Week will give everyone the opportunity to make up a missed class or group. We understand that things come up and illnesses happen, but we really appreciate your commitment to keep our groups consistent. You must contact Debbie by email at debbie@kid-leidoscope.com or call her at 845-238-1795 before your child’s scheduled class to inform Kid-leidoscope Inc. that your child will not attend their scheduled class. Please contact her as soon as possible and let her know what session in the Bonus Week they will attend to make up for the missed class. We cannot guarantee spaces will be available if you wait till the last minute. Signing up as soon as possible will help ensure your child can attend their makeup class. Make up classes or groups must be scheduled before the end of the 6- or 4-week session of the missed class or group it occurs in. This will be available for one class or group per 4- or 6-week session.